Saturday, April 30, 2011

Benefits Of Laptop Computer

I knew that Christmas is too far from now but i already have the plan of what to get for myself. I am doing my best to save some money so that i can buy my own portable Laptop computer. We have a Desktop computer which was bought not even a year ago. This is our second Desktop computer we bought it not because the previous Desktop was broken because it was old or somebody broke it but due to unexpected power outage that happened.

Computer is very useful to me I do all my works on the computer likes checking, sending e-mails, browsing, bidding for items, download videos, games, watch videos, read news, current events, getting connected to my social networks and many more. There are times that i have to have the computer in the living room or in other parts of the house could be outside the house sometimes. Specially, if we are traveling long distance. I could not bring the Desktop computer as it is not handy or portable.

Husband and I both like the idea of getting one Laptop computer. For sure, i will be using it regularly and will enjoy the convenience of it. I do not want to miss anything likes when i am bidding for an item or clothes for my daughter i could not stay on the Desktop computer it disabled me in one place. Laptop computer i could take it with me. I can be versatile and be able to multi-task while checking or doing my computer works and doing household works at the same time. Most of all, Laptop computer is wireless as it is powered by batteries at the same time it came with its own wire where you can plug it in order not to run out of power.