Friday, April 29, 2011

Tractor And Trailer

We have a trailer and we go to Tractor and Trailer supply whenever my husband needed some parts. Trailers come indifferent sizes according to its capacity and uses. Our trailer is not too small and not too big. It is very important to have the trailer as it is very useful to haul things and everything. I had been spotting trailers in pick up trucks usually.

One morning, when i looked at the window i noticed a black thing and thought that it was a branch of tree fell down from a strong gust of wind that night and that thing was near our mailbox. It happened that i had to go outside and put something in our mailbox. I stopped and look at it. It was a Friction Sway Controller. Pick it up and showed it to my husband after he got home from work.

I asked him if he could use it. Though, it is not useful for the moment but he said in the future he might be using it as the trailer part that i found is for big and heavy duty trailers. My husband subscribes into this catalog and he received and saw a Friction Sway Controller, same size and design but different brand name for $80. The one that i found was from Reese. It was a lucky day!


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