Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Credit Card

I do not have a credit which i am planning of applying and getting one but to apply for a credit card you must have a source of dependable monthly income. There are requirements that need to be meet. I bet i will not be qualified as i am not working but my husband can gets one if he will agree. He had a credit card before but unfortunately, his identity was taken by a thief. Lesson learn from that experienced that was been bugging us for a long time. It was very expensive and time consuming as my husband fought for his right and hired a lawyer to solve the case.

Credit card is something that we have and i can really see the importance of it. As a credit card owner just need to be careful and avoid swiping it for everyday purchase. The credit card is advantage whenever there are emergency financial problems. Friends after friends they mostly have their own credit card but wisely credit card is not free of charge you have to pay the credit card company at the end of the month and you will be in trouble if you cannot pay on time. Interest gets higher and piled up so there are advantages and disadvantages of  owning a credit card.

For now, i must be content of what i have. I have a nothing to worry about the monthly interest to pay or to expect for any monthly billing statement from any credit card company and most of all has a nothing to worry about ruining a credit score. I am using my debit card and i am good for now.


E. Lane said...

My husband and I have no credit cards, just our bank cards which we can use as "credit cards". I prefer it that way. They're not bad so long as you use them responsibly =]
Following you from the positive wednesday hop.

Harry Seo said...

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