Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gym Exercise

Men and women needs to be in shape not only to look beautiful in the outside but in the inside too. If we exercise regularly it helps our body to become healthy and it energizes us and we will shed those unwanted fats, the beer belly and the cellulite. Exercise, needs time. You have to find time for it and to go to the gym is another expenses to think about.

My husband already own this gym exercising machine. It was first placed in the living room and he moved it to one of our bedroom. The exercising machine is there waiting all the time for him to sit and exercise but he is lazy to do it. He was in perfect shape before. His body needs to be physical fit as he was in a motorcycle race before as part of his hobby and indeed he attended a professional race somewhere here in Pennsylvania when he was younger. When you race or into any sports body weight is really the number one concern.

We have a different kind of exercising machine too which is a cardio machine it is in the living room as it is not that big. That cardio machine is perfect for me but i am too lazy to do my exercise. I will do my best to find time sometime as i am gaining some weight and need to get rid off them.


Beyond Autism said...

I have a gym membership and struggle to use it. I honestly believe I'd do better with something at home. (anxiety in public places) Thanks for your blog! I'm your newest blog hop follower. Please follow back! Thank you!