Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My first Jewelry Box

My husband bought me my first jewelry box when i first came her. It was big and a beautiful looking jewelry box. It was a good buy because it was very affordable. He knew how much i like to wear a jewelry and while i was still in Philippines and whenever there was a special occasion such as our anniversary, Christmas, my birthday and Valentines day he sent me jewelry. I am not a stuff toy type or a card type of person. I love receiving jewelry as a present. I am very particular too as gold come in three different kinds the white gold, yellow gold and the rose gold. I prefer to wear white gold. I like to see other people wearing yellow gold jewelry but not me. As much as possible i want to have the white gold wedding ring and engagement ring but my husband bought a yellow gold wedding ring with diamonds same with my engagement ring also yellow gold.

I wear white gold necklaces, white gold earrings, white gold or sterling silver bracelet and other style of jewelry. Buying and liking gold is very good as you can invest them. When difficult times come we can sell or pawn our jewelry at the pawnshop. Redeem them or not, it is up to you but jewelry is the easiest way to make money in emergency cases. I proved this  base from my own experiences. To buy a genuine jewelry are expensive but they are very helpful and useful at the end. The gold value does not depreciate they go up as time goes by regardless of the style and color  that if they are pure gold.

I took a picture of my jewelry box and there are some gold bracelet dangling but they just stayed in the jewelry box. If i have the extra money i will send them to my mom as she likes yellow gold and even my sister she can have them too. When i was single i really want to buy a fine jewelry box but they are expensive and my husband made it came true. Thank's to him for fulfilling it for me.