Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where's The Spring?

My husband just unloaded the grocery items and took off to get more coal. Freezing cold this morning that i do not want to go somewhere. Saturday is our day for grocery shopping. No choice as i do not want to go on Sunday. We are all bundled up as we left the house.

Went to the store and we were looking for a hook where i can hang my daughter's coat, jackets and other stuff mount it behind her bedroom door. Unfortunately, no designs that i like and the prices were ridiculously expensive not worth buying.

We stopped at the crayon aisle there was one lady with her cart looking for coloring. My daughter notice the crayon with a cute design she wants them i read the label and the age recommended it said 18 months and above but definitely not for my daughter's age she is too big for it. I told her that it is for little girls and she replied and said mommy, i am a girl. The lady laughed and said she was right, she is a girl.

On our way out, they have the two red box where you can rent DVD tapes. We want to rent the unstoppable movie with Denzel  Washington but no luck we checked both red box. It is indeed, available in our Dish Network pay per view but cost five dollars unlike renting from red box only one dollar but have to return the movie tape the next day. Better luck next time as more good movies will come.