Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Jaded

Yesterday, was one of those boring days so the family decided to go for ATV ride up to the wooded area. We spent two hours or more wandering the woods included the break time and the picking up pinecones.

Back home at three o'clock in the afternoon stayed for a while and headed to the house. Hour later, husband asked if i want to eat something as he is going to make some sandwich. We ate and considered it as snacks our daughter had some too then we took a nap it was around five o'clock in the afternoon.

I got up as i was not comfortable anymore being two big adults sharing the couch plus our daughter on my tummy sleeping. Took our daughter to her bedroom and put her down as i slept next to her too. Seven o'clock our daughter got up and went to the kitchen and was talking to her daddy i was awaken to her noise but still on the bed was really tired and just do not want to do anything but stayed on the bed.

Daddy and daughter talked for ten to 15 minutes and i heard my husband telling our daughter to go back to her bedroom as daddy is going back to bed. Here comes our daughter went back to bed sleeping next to me. We did not eat for DINNER! Were talking of baking the pizza but we just missed. The family was just totally JADED after all the rides! It was such a total strange that for the first time we did not eat dinner and we still slept really good.


Ramona said...

how fun to have an off day....every one needs one!