Thursday, March 24, 2011

Skinny, Me?

When i was single i tend to weighed 100 pounds and now married and got pregnant with all those baby fats and everything i weighed up to 125 pounds. Tried really hard and struggling for three years to lost some pounds but then i would gain them back!

Christmas of 2010 we were in Philippines. Family, relatives and friends were shocked that my figure was not the same anymore. My mom did all the cooking, brother and sister did the rest of the chores. I was treated like a queen as i was so relaxed and spoiled.

A month after, my mom told me that i lost some weight which made me happy. We left Philippines and my sister-in-law visited and saw me after two months of being away. She told me that i look like i lost some pounds and yes, i did lost five pounds. A  month after which was yesterday she visited us again and she was shocked and told me that i am skinny!

Skinny? I weighed 115 pounds and i feel good. She told me to eat and eat more to gain some pounds back. No way, it is very hard to shed those pounds. I am going to stay on my diet as i am happy of how i look. Still want to lost five more pounds.


The Dare Diva said...

Congrats on your diet!
Care to share what you did?
I'm sending LUV your way!
I'm your latest follower from MBC!
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pls.. come return the LUV and FOLLOW ME also!.
Thanks and much LUV ¯`•.¸¸.♥♥ ஐ