Friday, March 25, 2011

Mommy's Copy Cat

When i knew that i was pregnant the very first thing in my mind is to have a baby boy.  It is not a secret that it is very difficult to conceive a baby boy. As a mom to be i want to raise a boy as my eldest child. Time for my first ultra sound appointment and to see my baby in my womb was unbelievable and that time she was too little to determine her gender.

Second ultrasound came, technician was having a hard time figuring it out as my baby was kicking here and there she could not stopped moving herself even for a minute or few seconds. I remembered i was the last patient at that time and it was surely getting late and i was ready to get up and leave the place but my technician was not giving up i knew it was her job.

She told me that she was 85 percent that my baby is a girl because we both saw in the monitor that my baby kicked her forehead and she said that she encountered many situations like that and only baby girls doing it. Reluctantly, i said it could still be a boy.

The moment arrived and we have a baby girl name Cassandra and i could not asked for more. She was perfectly healthy and so adorable. I am a first time mom and hard to explained the feeling but for sure happiness and joy were felt!

She is now over three years old and mommy's little copy cat. Every time she sees me going in the bathroom she would follow me. Whenever i put lotion, palmer's cocoa butter, deodorant and make up she would asked if she can put them too. She is such a joy to our life. GOD is so good!