Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Love You, Sasha

Family is mourning right now as Sasha our cat passes away last night was not been discovered until this morning when my husband got up to start his morning. Sasha was been so weak for the last two days and yesterday i noticed that she did not eat anything nor drink any water. She was down on the kitchen floor and was sleeping. I stared to her last night before going to bed trying to see any beat from her body but it seems none i thought that she would still make it the next day or so.  

This morning i asked my husband about Sasha as she was not there anymore where i last saw her last night and he said Sasha is gone, she is no longer with us. I expected that to come but not that saddened. She was more than 20 years old very long life for a cat. Our daughter asked and was looking for Sasha too and we told her that Sasha is in kitty cat's heaven.  

Tonight, when my husband gets home from work we are going to dig a hole to buried Sasha and send a prayer for the worm not to eat Sasha as our daughter said she does not want the worms to eat Sasha's body. Seriously, i am sad the family is sad. We will miss Sasha forever as she was such a beautiful and playful cat. Rest in peace Sasha. We all love you! 


Amy said...

Just stopping by from Up Mommy Creek. So sorry to hear about your kitty passing. That is so sad. :(

loveablecassandra said...

Thank's for the comment, Amy. We will miss her forever.