Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot And Spicy Pizza

Pizza is always part of our weekend dinner it could be on Saturday or Sunday. Tonight we had a pizza and it was new so husband and i gave it a try as we already tried all  their pizza.

Baked it as instructed looks inviting it was done and ready to eat. I was planning of not having any slice as i was fine not really hungry. Hubby ate one slice and after that he commented that our pizza is hot and spicy and would surely give him a heartburn his stomach is very sensitive to any spicy/hot and too much oil food. He said that one slice is enough for him. Me and our daughter can have the rest of the pizza.

What causes the hotness of our pizza? Well, it has the three different kinds of peppers. The green which does not have a taste neutral i could even eat it raw, the yellow peppers it is sweet not harmful at all but there were presents of red peppers which really was hot plus the hot sauce and spicy pepperoni.

No regrets! Good thing we have foods in our cover and hubby got his own soup and put some crackers that save his dinner and filled him up. Lesson learn is not to buy the same kind of pizza again and read labels and ingredients carefully.