Friday, February 25, 2011

Assorted Cookies

One Saturday, we were out grocery shopping it became a habit or part in my list the baking stuff as my husband has a sweet tooth he likes to have sweets after eating dinner every night.

Honestly, i am only human and part of being human we were not always in the mood of doing things. We get tired and bored. I believe in the sayings that home bake and home cook foods are more tasty and more yummier than those foods that were bought cook already.

I noticed there were people in a particular aisle and they were picking up cookies, brownies and cakes from the shelf and those had low  prices.

The said people left i was curious so i went to check out and i saw the cookies when i lift to check the price to my surprise it was only $.60 for one pound and six ounces cookies with different flavors, shapes and colors. What a DEAL! It was such a good buy! It happened too that there was another fellow and she picked up the same kind of cookies and she said the same thing good buy because it was indeed.

I was happy to saw those cookies and we still have some left as i am not into sweets. Only my daughter and my husband because of those cookies i save time, money and effort from baking.