Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strangers Can Be Generous

Friday on the 4th of February was the day that we landed at JFK airport and was been safely home to our beloved resident despite of the long hours of being stranded and everything.

Saturday is really our day for grocery shopping and even though we were so tired from that long flight home but were still able to left the house in our routine schedule and every time we go to Walmart our daughter always made an effort to stop first to their arcade where they have rides and games.

She likes this machine that filled up with stuff toys and makes her so excited since her daddy is trying to get the toy out though we failed so many times but there were times too that we got lucky and won some toys out from the said machine but it was not that easy sometimes it is better to buy the toys from the shelves rather than gambling your lucks of getting the toys out from the machine.

My husband knows what to do before he locked our cars door he made it sure that he had some quarters in his pocket and that is what happened our first stop was in the arcade before entering the door i noticed a couple they were there obviously ahead of us as the wife had these stuffs in her arms and the husband was still playing trying to get something out from the machine. I noticed the wife look at us and whispered something to her husband. Her husband turn his head around and look at our daughter.

The wife came to us and asked our daughter if she like  PEBBLES. What a huge pebbles that were really so sweet knowing that pebbles was heavy just the look at her head i am sure the couple had a hard time getting pebbles out from the machine and spent a lot of quarters just by getting pebbles out.

We do not know them and our daughter was bashful at first since they are strangers but the wife really insisted so we got pebbles and we thank them so much. What a great people with a good heart and on the other hand i was teasing my daughter that she was such a lucky girl Santa Claus gave her pebbles. I like it! It was really cute and lovable and i had no idea that pebbles was a character from the FLINT STONES FAMILY. Oh, well could not blame me it was a American series show or whatever i was not born and did not grown up here.