Monday, May 16, 2011

Homemade Chili

I was not exposed to chili dish before i came here to live with my American husband. I noticed that Chili is present often when there are gatherings. It was good! I like ground beef and kidney beans plus tomatoes. I bet that Chili originated in Mexico, a Mexican recipe. My husband would cook Chili for us before i was not paying attention to the ingredients as i was not really interested of learning to cook the Chili.

Photo of: Simple Turkey Chili - Recipe of the Day

One day, we were at the grocery store and i had the call of Chili craving. I told my husband that i want to cook Chili but i have no idea about the complete ingredients and the steps of cooking it. He smiled and said, okay and asked me if i really, really want to have the Chili? I nodded and we went home with the Chili ingredients. I was surprised as my husband did not only got the kidney beans but also a pork and beans, spaghetti sauce, Chili seasoning, ground beef and dice tomatoes. I learned from him that you can put anything to your Chili. I cooked and sprinkled brown sugar as the final touch and it was good. My husband was surprised with the out come and he likes it very much!