Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

I checked our mailbox and I saw an invitation card from our neighbor. The couple is married for 30 years today and their daughter is going to have a party for them. They are lucky to have a daughter likes her because she really appreciate and know how to value her parents. Lasts year, she also gave them a party where they invited all the people they knew and we were also invited. How I wish that our daughter will be like our neighbor's daughter to give us a party whenever we have our birthdays and wedding anniversary.

Congratulation to our neighbor and I am so happy for them. I hope that they will continue to live together and will create more memories as a husband and a wife and will continue to conquer all the trials and support each another. How I wish that every married couple will have a long lasting marriage but there are things that could happen and unfortunately causes the marriage to end.


Marie said...

So lucky of them indeed to have a daughter like that. With all the failed marriages going on in the world now, long lasting marriages are really worthy of admiration.

My parents just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary too. But we didn't throw a party for them 'coz all us kids are thousands of miles away. :-( Hopefully, we can throw them a big bash next yr, for the 45th.

cassandrasminicorner said...

Hmmn, make their 45th year wedding anniversary unforgettable for your parents:)

Spanish Pinay said...

wow, 30 years is a looot of time. I'm looking forward for the next 30 years and forever with my hubby too :-D

Another Filipina here. Followede from voiceboks. I'd really love it if you can follow back :)

cassandrasminicorner said...

me, too:)