Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eight Year Old Girl Received Botox

I did not hear nor see the news on TV until my friend told me this Botox thing when we got the chance to talked on the telephone. She is a mother and I am also a mother. She told me about this eight year old girl that was given a Botox by her own mother. I could not believed it myself. What kind of parent is that to give a child a Botox knowing that Botox is a medicine and i heard aging people using Botox to lift their sagging skin or something but not to an eight year old.  

Eight-year-old Britney Campbell can be seen receiving a botox injection from her mum in this screen grab from Good Morning America.

Surely, there was an outrage for this because this mother injected Botox to her daughter for a pageant preparation. Obviously, this mother was only thinking of winning and not considering the result later to her daughter. So, what can you say as a mother about this? Do you see this okay? As for me, I want my children to grow up and develop naturally. I knew that beauty pageant or this pageant world is so crazy the competition is so tight and you have to look really at your very best in everyway. If it is possible to be perfect then to join beauty pageant you must have to be perfect to win the crown.


kev said...

I'm sure no doctor will ever encourage such a thing. the definition of botox is :best anti-aging treatment, not kids treatment. This person did this to earn some money with the risk of ruining her daughter's childhood.
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cassandrasminicorner said...

Yes, you are right! So,crazy to inject Botox to a child which is very unsafe.