Monday, February 28, 2011

Leopard Print Slippers

I love seeing people wearing leopard prints apparel from anything to biggest down to smallest things. Every time i am online checking my e-bay stuff listed items i always ended checking and searching for outfits for my daughter and i noticed that clothes with leopard prints they are kind expensive and i understand why.

I am so attractive to it. I actually bought some clothes and coats that has the leopard prints for my daughter and she looks so darling and so adorable with it. Leopard have its own personality. It is sophisticated and is fashionable too in every way.

My slipper was broken and so i need a new one cannot walk in the house without wearing slipper. Our living room and bedrooms were carpeted so it is warm but the kitchen is not so my feet will still get cold that is why i want to wear slipper in the house and it became a part of me too.

I was looking for a slipper and there were different colors and design but the one that really caught my attention was the one that has the leopard prints it was a bargain they had it 50 percent off i believe so i grabbed a pair for my own and i love it. My feet look like a little leopard, a cub.