Friday, March 4, 2011

Tummy Ache

Our poor daughter was awaken with her tummy aching last night. I heard her crying so i got up and went to her bedroom to attend her needs and she told me that her tummy ache. I do not know what to do as it happened late at night and what really scares me the most was that even a little move she would made she would complaint of pain i had the liniment oil and want to rub some to her tummy but she was scared and ran off to our living room did not mind how dark it was there and i still manage to laughed because of my daughter's reaction toward liniment oil. She is not even half Filipino though Filipino blood runs to her blood stream.

Filipino kids and adults are not scared of liniment oil because it is known of its use towards body pain, gas pain, cramps and other pain.That was really funny of her. We do not have any medication for our daughter's tummy ache she experienced tummy ache before went to the store look for over the counter medication but was no luck. So what i did last night was told her to try to use the bathroom as it might only need to be push out there and she did but nothing came out and we went back to bed and told her that mommy, will tuck her in and would wrapped blanket around her tummy and might helped.

Thank's GOD, it helped and she slept well and did not wake up for any tummy ache. I bet the cucumber pickle, the olive has something to do with it. She is used of eating them before but there were over two months gap that her tummy did not had those pickles and last night we had some. Unfortunately, her tummy found those pickles foreign and did not agree and tummy ache developed. Now, she is playing again and happy as usual. Still as a mom i rub some liniment oil to her tummy this morning i just trick her and it work but it was too late i knew since she told me that her tummy ache was gone already.