Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Her Colorful Caterpillar

Our daughter is a toy collector but she is more in stuff toys no matter what. Every time we go to places and she will see toys she would really stop and get stuck and would ask if we can buy her one or two and usually we can buy her depending to the prices.

One time, we went to this place and she saw a little boy in the cart sitting with this red stuff lady bug toy and my daughter was pointing to it. Fortunately, the boy's mom was not interested to the said toy and she tricked her boy and left the lady bug toy. So, i went there and checked the lady bug's price and it was surprisingly affordable with the color, design, width and length.

My daughter and i went from aisle to aisle to look for more of that ladybug and luckily we found them. Surprise there were many of different designs to chose from. You will go crazy with those toys as in like we want to get them all.

There were frogs, ladybugs, heart pillows, dogs, bears, caterpillars and many to mention that my memory could not remember anymore. We got the multi colored caterpillar and showed to my husband and told him the price and even him was amazed for it was only $10 he said that it was not bad it was a good price, indeed. 

Our daughter loves animal she likes to pet them and since we cannot have live animals in the house she was still able to show her love and care through stuff toy animal. Is not this caterpillar adorable. This is soft and perfect to snuggle. 


Ann said...

how is the caterpillar made? I am interested to get my students make them.