Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Innocent Question

Two days ago, i changed our screen saver photo and to begin with it was our daughter's photo by herself and then i decided to change it together with her friends that we met before at the airport.

My three year old daughter saw the photo and she said  mommy, they are my friends talking about those girls in the photo with her. Thought that it was it but before shutting down our computer she asked me how her and her friends can get out from the computer. I looked at her and just chuckled as i never expected her to came up with that question. Innocently asked but she made her own point and i understood and just explain it to her.

People would say if you have a problem and want someone to talk to then little kids are the best remedies because they are so innocent, their thoughts are pure and direct. They do not know how to pretend as they will give you their honest opinion and ideas and they will ask just anything and those are the best part.

My sister- in- law every time she call me on the phone there was never a time that she miss asking me about my daughter's new and cute lines and when i shared to her then she would be laughing and would say she is such a stinker . That is my sister-in-law's famous line. 

I love kids and really enjoyed them as they are so curious in all aspects and though they are only kids but still you can learn things from them so never belittled them.

I miss being a kid when life was easy and simple. No complication as you have no husband and kids to worry and cared about all you have to mind is your friends and games that you are going to play the next day or so.