Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vintage Lantern

My husband likes to keep old, antique things. We had some kitchen wares from his grandmother and he really valued them. It is not to sell them but for him those are the things that remind of his grandmother. He loves her very much. He had a good memories with his grandmother when he was a young boy. He evens inherited some vintage lanterns i thought that those types of lanterns only exist in my country but i was wrong and i was delighted to see them and knew that my husband owns some of them.

He does not like the yard sale idea i mean going to the yard sale as he said that it is not his cup of tea. One day, our neighbor told informed us that they were going to have a yard sale. It happened that my husband visited the neighbor for some purpose. He saw that our neighbors were selling the vintage lanterns. We all know that yard sale prices are not expensive and he was interested with the lanterns and he bought four of them.

We are not going to sell them. They are a keeper and we are going to put them in reserve. We used our vintage lanterns whenever the power if out. Instead of buying candles we buy lamp oil for our lanterns. It needs wicks and lamp oil. Good thing Walmart have them so we do not need to worry about where to get the wicks and the lamp oil to supply our lanterns. 



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