Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Formula Coupon

I checked the mailbox yesterday and got two Similac coupon cards each card has the amount of five dollars. My daughter is almost four years old and no longer drinking a baby formula but i am still thankful for the Similac coupon card. We have our next door neighbor who is a mother to an infant. I am going to give those Similac coupon cards to her. I am sure she will be happy with it as she buys Similac baby formula for her baby.

Baby formulas are so expensive specially this time that everything goes up. Babies drinks formula milk for many times in one day. My daughter when she was born was been in breastfed and baby formula. It was a big savings for us for three months as our daughter was been breastfed for three months only. She did not really likes the Enfamil baby formula as it has that yucky taste i swear i tasted it before. We tried Similac baby formula too she drinks but did not last long until i decided to try the other brand from Nestogen from Nestle and she likes it because it was sweet and not bitter. 
All new mothers i bet needed the baby formula coupons it is a big saving in purchasing baby formula. I was buying coupon and cutting out coupons from newspaper to magazines and other resources where i could find coupons specially milk coupons before. And coupons did really helped a lot.