Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sewing Machine

When i first came here i really had a hard times finding the right length of jeans for me. The waist would fit but the length is way too long because i am Asian.  Asian people and Americans are way different in height. Asians are short not very tall i believe average height for Asian people are  five "7" or less. I hate folding the hem of my jeans as it would kept falling out and just hated it and tired of doing it over and over again. Finding and going to a dress maker to alter my jeans can be expensive too.

I was kept complaining and whining about this matter to my husband and he had enough he bought  a sewing machine. I am not a professional sewer. Back home, my grandmother had the sewing machine it was manually operated and i did get on that sewing machine sometimes. I could only do the simplest things like fixing the shirts that were ripped. Do not know hot to make a pattern either. 

While here being all by myself no grandmother or auntie to help me alter my jeans i was forced to used my skill and be resourceful. Success! I did it and it works. I found my sewing machine important as it is just a hand away to get and use it. I own it and i can enjoy it forever. I made pillowcases used my sewing machine. Lately, had no time i was gotten too busy on the computer.