Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Ready For Two

Having another child is definitely in our plan but not this time. Our daughter will turn four this year and i hope when she turn five or six  we will be able to add a new member to our family. Everything is expensive and i believe it is not right to rush in things.

During our Philippine vacation i went to my gynecologist and had the pap smear test done and asked for prescription which was my birth control pills. Asked my gynecologist about a pills that will not give me a pimple or acne. She was happy to recommend the most expensive pills. Went to the pharmacy and bought some to my surprised one packet has 21 tablets only while my previous had 28 tablets on it. Believe it or not this packet cost a little over 500 pesos.

I started taking the said pills while i was still in Philippines and a week after we will be flying home back in the USA. Everything seems alright and i noticed some progress to my skin and truly no pimples. February when i was expecting my period and it did not happened. I did everything i could as i knew the fact that i am not pregnant as i was taking my pills every single night but still out of 100% there is a possibility of 1%.

Glad and rejoicing that after missing my period for a month i finally have my period yesterday which made me really thankful and so happy. Guess, it was not the right time yet for a new member to join the family.