Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do You Like Make Up?

These are some of my make up that i accumulated and really do not use often. When i was in college i remember that i could not leave the house without wearing lipstick, eye shadows and face powder. Nails were not too long but i let them grew a little unlike this time my nails are both really trimmed short as in too short. 

The green make up blush on  was given to me by my aunt. Believe it or not i had it for six years or more and still have it. I am not using it anymore it ended looking that way because my daughter is playing with it and now, it is her property. 

Eye shadows that has different shades was bought in Philippines during our vacation it was very affordable and now setting in one of our bathroom's drawer. Guess, i am done with it and just last night my daughter saw it as she was in the bathroom checking drawers and she said that she is going to put it in her purse. 

My pinkish Revlon lip gloss is what i am actively wearing every time we have to go somewhere not a lipstick anymore. Lip glosses are easy to apply and not too dark or harmful to your lips. Lastly, my mascara for my eyelashes  bought it before leaving for Philippine vacation and use it twice and now setting in one of our bathroom's drawer again and as usual daughter have it too. 

Being married change my lifestyle drastically specially in vanity. I found myself as an easy going person now with a simple outlook in life.