Monday, March 7, 2011

Kitchen Appliance

My husband have a heartburn and when it strikes him he would drink a can of soda as he proves it works better than any other heartburn pills. Our refrigerator is located in the kitchen and it is very inconvenient to get up and walk for him into the kitchen almost every night where we can buy a mini fridge to solve our problem because of its size we can simply place it in our bedroom and stocks with sodas and other kinds of drinks.

Collecting wine glasses of different styles, shapes and colors is one of my focus right now and has been accumulated great numbers of them and some were given by family members, friends and i bought several too. My wine glasses collection are all in each designated boxes and worried that some might be damage, smash or worst broken into
pieces and buying wine glass rack would be a perfect idea to safety my collections.

Eating bread is part of our family routine in every meal and even on special occasions and slicing bread to its perfection can gets very frustrating despite of using the  expensive knife still cannot get the result i want and i am planning of getting something to
upgrade our way of slicing the bread by looking a high quality bread slicer  for easy and satisfying result.This year  were going to remodel our kitchen was going to add more  pantry cabinet as we do not have that much cabinets. Our family needs are getting more. We buy foods that are good for a week and storing them in a safe place is difficult because we do not have the extra cabinets for our pantries.