Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Little American

I remembered my daughter when she was in the stage of hating being accessorized her hair and as a mother i was buying girl stuff from hair clips to clothes, shoes and little purses and everything that i see cute for her. She was defiant especially when it comes to hair clips she would pulled them off and threw them as far as she could with tears falling.

When we were off for a short vacation to Philippines things were affordable and i bought her some hair clips and other things and i was amazed that she would let me put hair clips or these little colorful rubber band to her hair and thought that it was only for the meantime but i am thankful that even though were now back here to were we belong she still wanted her hair clips.

Yesterday, she got a shower, and hair was still wet, water drips and told her that her hair needs to be toweled well first and wait until it gets totally dry. She grabbed the combed and asked me to combed her hair and insisted of putting hair clips to her hair to avoid making a scene i did put her hair clips and she looks so cute and so adorable.

This is what i was waiting and now it came true. I like to buy girl stuffs for her and see her like a baby doll. And before she went off to bed last night she asked me to take her hair accessories off.