Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day Gifts

Never thought that me and my daughter would received something last night from my husband for valentines day. We got up in the morning and he left  for work as usual. Nothing was given to me so i did not expect that he would do something for the occasion.

Time for him to be home and still no husband around it was getting late and finally, somebody pulled in our driveway and it was him. He was holding two paper bags and each has something inside. He gave the small bag to our daughter and it was her valentines day gift from her daddy. 

My husband is still full if surprises. I love the fact that he always consider our daughter for any important occasion. Since we had our daughter she never ever missed a chance of receiving any gifts for valentines day. My hubby always includes her. He would buy gifts for me and for our daughter too. This just showing what kind of father/husband he is and how fair he is to his family.

Was sorry for not buying anything for hubby but he understood it and he knows how much i love him and how dear he is to me. Still many valentines day to comes and i knew in my heart that it is not going to be late to do my part.

Therefore, our valentines was still happily celebrated and was celebrated on time along with many people/lovers around the world.