Monday, February 14, 2011

College Buffet

Last night, we had a dinner over at college buffet it is a Chinese restaurant and yes it saves me from cooking dinner. Was gone for two months and was surprise to see different faces of servants. This place is so intriguing as they often employed different people whatever the reasoned it is their business.

Anyway, back to their foods i was happy though i thought that i would be pigging myself out there for the fact that i quietly did not eat good lunch yesterday even my daughter she did not  ate that good too for lunch.

I ate sushi with chili sauce and it was good but was not really crazy over it, roasted duck that i did not even had a big bite, mussels with melted white cheese on top, mushrooms, beef steak, stir fried vegetables, salmon fish, fried rice and other but each of this food was just like a couple nor bite sizes only. I would say it was because i was not really craving yet for Asian serve food.

It was too much to be charge six dollar and something for our three year old daughter as she did not really ate that much either. She had some fruits little of each kind and ice cream but it is the rules that once you enter to their restaurant with a kids three years and up they will charge them full.

Was been a good day yesterday i was been productive and now, slowly catching up with things with my chores. Sun is up today and i love it.