Friday, April 1, 2011

Walking Water Ball

I was up early and i was watching early news. They show Walking Water Balls and it was amazing but at the same time very unsafe to try. They feature this called Walking Water balls. This originated outside the USA and now it is here and can be seen, rent and try at the water parks place and even in some Malls.

It is a huge ball they are going to put you inside the ball and inflated it with air. They are going to zippered to keep the air from coming out. The problem is that you do not have any access inside the ball likes you are completely trap and helpless as there is no way for you to open the Walking Water Ball from the inside so if something goes wrong you are in jeopardy! There was a report incident about  a little girl was inside and she was out of oxygen in short it was a bad experience the good part is that the girl is alive she was saved. I am a mother and will never get my child to get in that Walking Water Ball. I do not care no matter how affordable to rent one. This Walking Water Ball is very, very unsafe and unpredictable. My husband saw it and said that parents should not allow their children to try the said Walking Water Ball. 

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