Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Precious Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. To Jessica and Charisse, Happy Mother's Day my dear friends. I hope that your husband will give you something on the said occasion as you deserve it. I am not expecting anything from my husband but going out for dinner tonight will be good enough to celebrate the occasion.As a first time mothers, we conquered everything and facing the obstacles of being alone in this foreign countries. We thought that we are weak but we are wrong. My friends, we are stronger than we thought. Our children are now all growing and I knew how much thankful and lucky they are having a mom likes us.

To my mother, I love you with all my heart. You are always in my mind and you will always be my number one mother forever! We are parted but my thoughts and love is always there for you. Thank you for bringing me to this world and for always there for me no matter what. I take your advises seriously and because of those advises I achieved my dreams. Thank's for all the support that you had been given to me, mom. To my aunties, happy mother's day too!


shopannies said...

Happy Mothers Day I am a new follower come see me at

Rachel Joy said...

Following you from bloggymoms. I hope you had a great Mother's Day! Look forward to connecting with you.