Saturday, May 14, 2011

HP Deskjet 3650 Computer Printer

We have our hp desk jet 3650 printer it is not the latest model of computer printer but still working well and in excellent condition. There are many updated models and styles of computer printers in the market online and physical stores. I saw a Kodak printer at Walmart and it was under $100 it is affordable and i like the style and the size and specially the function and uses of it. We both like it but we do not the like the idea of getting rid off our old hp desk jet 3650 computer printer as it is still functioning properly and we are still satisfied and happy with its performance.

For now, we are going to keep using our hp desk jet 3650 computer printer in printing photos and documents whatever needs to be prints. The only problem or disadvantage is that the ink cartridge is expensive. Every time we ran out of the ink we have to buy a new one and the more we print the more we buy ink cartridge. We want to save so we bought ink refill online it was too much of a hassle so we stop buying from them it did happened once as my husband was not satisfied with the result. We go to Walmart and buy ink cartridge for our hp desk jet computer printer every time we need one.