Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome To The World, Baby Girl!

Getting married was always my dream. Growing up I was imagining of having a big family of my own. A happy and perfect family if possible. I have the fond of pretending to be a mother to my little cousins. Finally, when I was in my early 20's I met the right man. We got married and I moved in the USA to be with my husband. Before we got married we both planned of having four kids. Two boys and two girls if GOD permit. It took almost a year for me to get pregnant. GOD really moves in mysterious ways. I had no idea that I was already pregnant. I felt something strange that I had to made an appointment with my gynecologist. Initial finding was there was a lump inside developing in me that causes the pain. I was referred to the specialist for a surgery.I felt a big relieved when my Doctor told me that I was pregnant after the urine test result was received right there and then.

The feeling was so hard to describe. For the very first time I will become a mother. We were so static  and called everybody we knew to spread the good news. Pregnancy is a 10 months journey. I had the terrible morning sickness. I could not eat the food the I wanted because I would threw it all up. I was very worried about my baby's development. It took almost seven months for me to felt better and to regain my appetite. I am so blessed. I knew not all women are capable of getting pregnant. Other women had to go through the extreme method just to get pregnant. July of 2007 when I gave birth to our healthy, beautiful and precious little girl. We sent out the birth announcements to all the people we knew. We are the happiest parents in the world. To finally met our little princess is priceless. We held a party to welcome our baby girl.