Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nursing Pads

It always bring a smile on my face every time I would see the box of my nursing pads. I used it when I was still breastfeeding our daughter. I did used all the nursing pads. I did not throw them either. I have no plan of using them again but I also have no plan of putting them in the garbage sooner. I am happy and contented seeing them. Might keep as a remembrance maybe? Our daughter is now four years old. Just could not believed that I could hold on to things that longs. I really have a hard time letting go of our daughter's baby stuffs. I do not know why?

I have ways of selling them but I just could not do it. I sell things on eBay and I buy things on eBay too. Oh well, if I need more time. I will. I missed those times when our daughter was only a baby. Now she is four years old and would say I do not need help, I can do it myself, Mommy and Daddy. She is growing so independently. I love that idea that at her very young age, she is showing the signs of being independent.


Menopausal New Mom said...

It is hard to let go of the funniest things. I guess that's why this generation has smaller families and bigger homes than the last. So we will have more storage Lol!

Thanks for finding me, I dropped by to follow you too!

Happy Friday :)