Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work Boots Shoes

It was Saturday morning around 10:30 a.m. when I thought that my husband arrived from Midas for his Mazda pick up truck inspection. I heard something that was pulling in our driveway, stopped, parked and open the driver's door. It was time for my husband to be home as he told me that pick up truck inspection will take 30 minutes to one hour and it was already over a hour.

Five minutes later, he was still not knocking on our door and I was getting pissed as we are going to Walmart for our grocery shopping. Pissed off in a way that what was taking him so long to get in the house. I decided to grabbed my purse and we went outside to check what he was doing. To my surprised I saw a box of Work Boots placed in our back porch. I thought my husband went to shoe store to buy a pair of Work Boots. There was a paper on top of the shoe box and it say's Merry Christmas. I was puzzled. Look around and did not see my husband's Mazda's pick up truck. Smelled strong tobaccos, it was really weird and even our daughter smelled it.

This time, i was no longer pissed but I was kind of worried. Three minutes later, my husband arrived and was smiling I told him about the shoes, the pair of work boots and he said he was aware about the shoes as he saw his best buddy on the road they stopped and his buddy told him about the shoes but it was not specific what kind of shoes. My husband thought shoes for our daughter.

The funny thing was that the work boots was size ten and a half while my husband wear size 11 and my husband could not wear them. His buddy called him and they talked about the work boots and they both decided to give it to other friend who wear the said size. They are cute and they had been best friend for a very long time and still get along so well.