Monday, May 23, 2011

Direct Start TV

Monster Camp

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

I love watching a plethora of different things on my Cable TV, but nothing hits my heart and captures my eye more than good documentary movie or show. I love documentaries and can normally be found watching one at least once a week. I have watched and heard of almost every single documentary that has even been made. My last favorite was called Monster Camp and it was one that I truly liked. It was about these gamer people who would go to t! ournaments and actually reenact their gaming experience. Somewhat a tribute to World of Warcraft, if you will. It was so much fun to watch because it actually looked pretty interesting and something I might even be interested in doing.

The reason I love these types of movies is because they take you into other peoples lives. I can actually escape from the stress of my own and go and stay with these people for just an hour or two. It's really great fun and I'm always looking for the next best movie to watch and am always asking my friends and relatives if they know of a good one to watch so that I might be able to sit back on a day that I happen to be off and I can relax and watch what they have told me is pretty good.