Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas with My Filipino Family-2010


Things happen for a reason. I insisted so hard to my husband that i want to go to Philippines for a vacation when our daughter was only a year old or two but for him she was too young to travel and might be only a pain in the butt to attend her needs.

Finally, our longing vacation had happened and she is over three years of age which i had no regrets yet thankful that she managed the traveled so well. My daughter first Philippine Christmas vacation and it really means a lot to me. She had a blasts celebrating Christmas with my whole family and relatives. She lit fireworks, ate Filipino typical food during Christmas and all the practices that were performed during Christmas over in the Philippines.

My most memorable moment in a way that i traveled with my daughter. Had all this courage traveling back and forth despite of all the heavy carry on baggage and check-in of ours plus the fact that it would be the biggest test for my daughter's to managed the tropical climate. Was been sick but still worth the fun! 

My precious family

My daughter with her teddy and a Christmas tree that she was love picking on the ornaments. 

Holding the candles to lit the fireworks - good job my love.

My daughter and her cousin Nicole busy opening their gifts!

Went to church and lighted candles. My daughter's first time to experienced this practice it was December 25th of 2010.

Christmas trees outside the church. So pretty and so hard to resist. Just one of their awesome Christmas trees to look at.