Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Improving Game and Vocabulary Skills with Word Finder!

This post brought to you by blogmybrain. All opinions are 100% mine.


Games are very important, it is the most effective way on entertaining kids and adults.  At home, we always have different games ready for every one to play! One thing, that we made sure, is that our games are all educational. As parents, that's what we want for our kids to play while learning. My kids love to play games that are challenging, something that includes them to think deeply such as scrabbles, puzzles and finding big words.


I was very excited, when I heard about word finder widget from blogmybrain website. This is really cool and can really help improving our vocabulary. It's not only my family who are hooked in playing scrabble or words, there are many families that play these games too. The said games can lead into a heated battles among competitive players. The word finder widget developed by BlogMyBrain can help a lot of players to improve their vocabulary and game skills.


The resulting words generated by the word finder is linked to a dictionary so visitors can learn new words while having fun playing the game. For blog owner likes me, I am lucky for I can install the widget on my blog and give my visitors an unforgettable experience by experiencing the power and fun of word finder. It's easy to use with the Widget Demo & Code


Also, my visitors can use the widget on the website that is embedded in without ever leaving the website. This is worth checking for, I'm sure all of my readers will love using this word finder from blogmybrain website...


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