Friday, July 27, 2012

Join "Make Something AstroBright" Design Challenge!

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We have so many things that need to get rid off. The kid clothes, toys and shoes are just some of them. I am planning of having a garage sale by inviting our friends, relatives and neighbors. We are lucky to have our house located along the road where cars passes by. The visibility of our signs will surely get notice by everybody who go up and go down the road.When we talked about signs. It is necessary to use something BRIGHT and COLORFUL! That way, it will catch the attention of the people. I went to the store and was looking for papers to use. I found the AstroBrights papers- they are really cool with wide selection of colors, 23 bright colors! Perfect for making art projects, brochures, flyer, craft projects and more.

I felt great that I could join and win the "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes. I would love to support our local school. My kids are students and I know how important the schools for them and for every kid. It is the source of education. The coolest part of joining the sweepstakes are to receive cash prize and school supplies valued at $30,000. How I really wish to win the said sweepstakes. Other thing is the family- friendly " Make Something AstroBright" design challenges for a chance to win  AstroBrights Papers and other prizes. What are you waiting for? Show off your creation with pictures and video. Share them via Pinterest and Twitter.The AstroBright Papers have their official Facebook fan page where everyone cans "LIKE" and get updated.

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Jerla Oh lalala said...

let's go for astrobright for more colorful artworks for our students :) BB's, here :)