Thursday, January 26, 2012

Live Citizen- Political Debate Platform

This post brought to you by livecitizen. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you hear about live citizen? It is a community site for outspoken citizens who are not afraid to voice their opinions. What is great about the website is that it is not only for chatting but it is a micro blogging platform for discussing and debating the entire spectrum of ideas. Live citizen encourages their users not to only post their opinions but to share a "quote" where other can agrees or disagree to it. This is very interesting. A thread of valuable and informative ideas and comments will be shared by different users. 

Ordinary people, ordinary citizen has also the voice that needs to be heard and consider when it comes to political issue. We are entitled to our own freedom of speech. To express our views and to share our thoughts and ideas that concern to our country. But, politic is a serious matter. Fortunately, there is a website the that focuses on politics, current events and public affairs. Your voice is important and in this website you are free to express your opinions. You can check the website, become a member or LIKE them on Face book, follow on Twitter to stay connected.  The member or user of the website is allowed to choose- you pick either to claim the blue or the red when you sign up.