Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scheduled Her Physical Exam For Next Year

Our daughter had her appointment yesterday and her pedia told us that she could not do the physical examination as we were not there for the said exam. We took her to her pedia for a different concern. And, the fact that she already celebrated her 4th birthday. There might be a conflict in our insurance if she is going to do so.

The check up was normal, and everything was fine. She got a vaccine which made her cry. She felt the needle and no kid would like the feeling. Her pediatrician advises us to make her physical appointment for next year around her 5th birthday. It is a school requirement and so on and so forth. I could not believed that our precious little girl will be going to school next year.

She does not have any appointment coming except for next year's physical examination. Her pedia inform us that she will be getting more shots on her appointment next year. I hope that she will stronger and brave by then. It is so hard to see our daughter in pain. And, as a helpless parent.


Romina said...

Late visit here, you must be excited and she might as well when she start going to school. she's just gorgeous girl.

Hope she is always healthy and joyful.