Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Increase In Stamps

A United States Postal Service employee purchases Forever stamps.  (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

We buy stamps at the post office or somewhere else and it is $.42 I believe each stamps, the forever stamps. My husband use stamps often to send a mail. I could not believe that it will go up for a penny next year. That is expensive. Everything is really getting expensive and it is very hard especially in the economy that we have these days.


Cathy Kennedy said...

Postage stamp cost is ridiculous period! I think it's awesome how we now have the convenience to pay our bills either by phone or online cutting the USPS out of the loop. However, we still need them for mailing letters from time to time and now with the Christmas season just around the corner the mail system will get chocked up even more mail.

When I buy stamps I always try to get the forever stamp unless I see something I want and know I'll be using them before I think the postage price goes up a few pennies. I don't go into my local post office anymore, I simply buy online at the USPS website. This saves me so much time! I love it!!!

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