Friday, June 3, 2011

Affordable Solar Panel

Electric bill is one of our biggest concern. We have no idea how to cut down our electric bill every month. It is hard to avoid or minimize the usage of the electric. We live in the State where it has the four season. It is very difficult to get a break from using the electric. My husband turn our air conditioner on started lasts week even it is not summer yet but it is already hot and getting hotter everyday.

We have our air conditioner running 24/7 and also have the electric fan on for every bedroom, that are being turn on from late afternoon until the next morning. During fall season where it started to get cold at night we have our portable electric heaters on and as it gets colder we would then start our coal stove to warm the house.

A friend of mine told me about their solar panel. It was expensive and so my husband is looking for affordable solar panel. Though the solar panel is expensive but my friend told me it was worth paying for as they really cut down their electric bill. That is what we need. They were struggling too in how to cut down their electric bill and the solar panel introduced to the market they bought one and now using it. We really need one affordable solar panel of our own.