Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Her gator 2010

This is our daughter's new toy. It is called  gator from John Deere. Husband bought this in Saturday for our daughter's birthday. He could not wait of getting one rather than to play the risk of this being out of stock if he is going to wait a couple of months for our daughter's third birthday. Guess, he might get her other present for her birthday.
Main reason why my husband bought this because Cassandra's ATV is getting too small for her and this gator is advisable for ages three to  eight years old so long time for Cassandra to enjoy driving her new toy. For now, she is scared of putting her foot to the Pedal to start and make her gator go. Could not blame her for she is still in the process of getting use to the look, size and functions of her gator. She was used of sitting and driving to her ATV. It is a  big transition for her to jump in to this gator it has a reverse which really new as her ATV doesn't.

Overall, this toy is really cool and cross my fingers my daughter will come to the point to where she will learn a lot of operating this gator and the fact that it has a passenger seat she can haul our neighbor. And they can both have the fun!